So many ideas, so many directions. 2011 was a proving ground of just what I am capable of achieving. What I learned is that I am capable of so much more than I thought. Far more than I even accomplished. This newfound discovery has opened my eyes and the possibilities for the next year.

Now that I have a solid plan for the company, my working days will be filled with putting the plan into action and tracking it’s growth daily. With the addition of Brad Closson as our outsourced COO, we have seen tremendous operational stability and growth just in the last quarter of 2011. As the head of McGirr, Inc, I will also attempt to separate myself as the sole brand identity of McGirr Interactive Communications (MIC) to take over larger projects outside of the limited scope of interactive media.

Personally, I’ve never been in a better place. My wife, Cheryl McGirr gets 100% of the credit. I promised myself in 2006 that I would never remarry after the damage done by my first marriage. Over time, I began to see the value that Cheryl added to my life, just as a friend. Quickly, she became my closest friend and most trusted advisor. In 2010, I made the decision to date her formally, promising myself that I could retract the deal if it ever felt off. It never did.

In fact, the closer I got to Cheryl, the more I fell in love with her. In March, a series of events transpired in one single day that lead to my proposing to her on the banks of Lady Bird Lake, on the lawn at the Four Seasons Hotel. Less than two months later we were married on the very same lawn.

I have big ideas. I used to go around telling them to my friends but I have been keeping them locked away over the past few years, waiting for just the right moment. Well, 2012 is just the time to start adding those ideas to the plan. For starters, I have split McGirr Social Media Communications into two divisions:

1. The first is McGirr Interactive Communications: A new kind of marketing firm that aims to capture an audience instead of simply broadcast to them. By developing bidirectional communication and getting to know ones consumer, brands will have a better chance in the future to grow, regardless of their size. Social Media need not be ineffective, or cost very much. Plans will begin at $300/Month*. Very manageable for any size company. However, we will provide far more than Social Media. We are your link to continued consumer loyalty.
2. Next is You Media Lab: Similar in mission to MIC, with one distinct difference. The You Media Lab (YML) aspires to teach individuals the skills and habits required to master the ability to build and maintain an audience of their own.

I plan to turn the blog at JoeyMcGirr.com into my own personal experiment for expression. I will be detailing the growth and ideas for both MIC and YML on their individual sites. From there you can explore and discover some of the big ideas I expressed at the top of this letter.

Personally, I plan to enjoy my wife, daughter and close friends in 2012. I will catch you up on personal adventures here as well as on my personal Facebook (for friends only) or on my personal Twitter (For anyone who cares) account.

Feel free to share your plans for 2012 with me anytime. If you know me, you know I am fascinated by the world around me and especially the unique qualities and perspectives we each individually carry with us throughout our lives.

Until then…Happy New Year!