Alchemicalal-KEM-ik-uhl, adjective: Pertaining to the transformation of something common, usually of little value, into a substance of great worth.

A few years back I wrote and produced a short film for college titled, “The Process,” in where a young spy foils the plans of an evil empire from taking the scientific formula to change lead into gold (I know, sound familiar?). My original theme was to create a metaphor for human alchemical change.

We all want our lives to be better, but we seldom look inside ourselves for the necessary components for change. We sit on the couch, watching the same shows, eating the same greasy foods and think about, “working out and being more social,” and never do anything about it.

My personal opinion is that although we are doing a lot of talking, and in turn that is producing the right thoughts, we cancel the good thoughts silently by thinking, “I’ll work out after my show,” or, “My next meal will be healthier.”

I hate to sound like I’m lecturing; that is never my intention.  However, if no one says it, how are you supposed to get the message?  You’re supposed to make every meal healthy, and you’re supposed to turn off the TV and start planning your perfect life.

HOW: Take the time during your favorite show to write a description of your perfect day. Every nuance, every detail. Then create a plan over the next twelve months to be living that day every day. What does that plan look like? For starters, evaluate how you go from living every day like you are now to living every day like your perfect day scenario.

No limit thinking is required for this exercise. You have to really stretch your thinking. It’s supposed to be hard, nothing worth achieving is ever easy!

Why during your favorite show? You already know it’s not as important as living your dream. Besides, you can always DVR, DVD, Netflix or Hulu your shows –  so why are you wasting this special time letting life pass you by?

Start the transformation today! Be the process that creates the genetic alchemical rebirth that launches your 2011 and beyond!

What’s that? You’re already living your perfect day, every day? Time for a new perfect day. Life is not a destination people. That’s death! Now get to it!

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