Are you planting seeds or growing trees?

Most good networkers look at networking as “planting seeds.”  They understand that they are not going to harvest the crop immediately, but most likely need to “grow” the contact for some time before it produces.

My goal is to take that a step further and plant acorns.  I want to grow trees instead of growing crops.  Trees are strategic partners, business development members and other “connections” that you develop.  You don’t need near as many trees as you need crops. Trees produce consistently once your connective root-system is in place.  Plus, they will produce for you year after year.

It takes more time to develop trees.  But their root systems go deep.  They can withstand many types of weather.  They can keep you shaded and protected.  And they are in your grove so they benefit from all the other trees nearby.

There is no shortcut to spending time together.  Pick a few acorns and grow them.  You will find that having a small grove of connections is just as productive as having numerous fields of contacts.

Let’s grow some trees!