6 Ways To Market Your Business Video

Our guest post this week is from Mark Wonderlin with Mosaic Media Films. Having a well crafted video is the first step for your future success. Then utilizing your video with an array of marketing efforts is critical to increasing your conversion and reach. The video above highlights 6 effective ways to promote your business[…]

RISE Session – Instagram for Entrepreneurs

We are very excited to announce that Joey will be hosting a RISE session on May 14th. Bring your smart phone and a comfortable outfit.  We will be out and about in this interactive workshop. https://www.riseglobal.org/sessions/detail/instagram-for-entrepreneurs-workshop First, you will learn what Instagram is and how other businesses are using it to brand, market and build[…]

Naming the ME Lesson

Joey and I thought it was interesting to note how we came up with our naming convention for our Education Services.  We knew that we wanted to have one-on-one Social Media education with our clients, but had been fumbling with the name.  The following is an e-mail exchange from Joey and I earlier this year.[…]

The Arena

This week, while working on a transformational client engagement, Brad and Mike were fueled by an inspiring quote from Theodore Roosevelt.  This amazing paragraph was an excerpt from the speech “Citizenship In A Republic” delivered n Paris in 1910. A well-respected leader stopped right in the middle of a whiteboard planning session and had us[…]

Meeting Prebrief and Debrief

My consulting partner Mike Leamon and I spend most of our day, every day, working on organizational growth.  We have chosen a profession that allows us to be “in the mix” nearly all of the time and pioneer new routes to age-old problems.  We navigate endless tracks of business processes and organizational strategies.  It’s a[…]

Clean Objectivity

There are few things in life more fleeting than objectivity.  “Clean objectivity,” which is when an individual is completely impartial and unbiased, lasts for only a brief sliver of time.  It is imperative that businesses capture objectivity when they get the chance.  This neutral  attitude is one of the biggest values that new employees, strategic[…]

Strategy Management

A big part of business strategy consulting is teaching organizations about the planning process.  The keystones to business planning are creating a strategy, building a plan, identifying accountability and implementing a business relationship structure that supports the goals of the organization. McGirr Enterpises utilizes a Strategy Management methodology on every project.  Strategy Management is a[…]