Can HootSuite Help You?


Social Media is always moving. While that thought can be overwhelming, it’s also exciting to know that there is always something new to learn. That is one of the things I love about my job. For a novice like me, there is always more to learn and to improve upon. Now that I have the basics of Twitter down, it is time to move on to a new project. My next task…HootSuite!


Now, for those readers that don’t know what HootSuite is, listen up because it’s awesome! HootSuite is an easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage all of your social networks in one place. It’s literally a social media magic tool! Instead of having 20 different tabs open in your browser, you can easily monitor your Twitter feed, Google+ circles and post on Facebook all in one spot. I cannot describe it any other way but amazing and helpful!


At first, my job was to learn how to use HootSuite for monitoring our client’s Twitter feeds. So what I was able to do was open up the HootSuite dashboard and create tabs for each of our client’s accounts. After each client has a tab created, you can add streams under each tab. For Twitter accounts, they offer streams of your home feed, mentions, direct messages, sent tweets and more! HootSuite really allows account managers, like me, to be efficient with their time on Twitter for each of their clients. Not only do they have pre-made streams, but you can also create your own search streams to engage others on Twitter. All you have to do is enter in the keywords you want to search for and then choose your geographic location and you will instantly have a constant stream of tweets in your area, regarding your search terms. Another plus is that HootSuite is not confusing to use or implement in your social media strategy and it can really help you efficiently monitor your client’s Twitter presence!


Another thing I’ve recently learned to do with HootSuite is create Google+ streams for client pages.  The wonderful thing I have utilized HootSuite for, in relation to Google+, is to schedule posts in advance. For example, Facebook pages let you schedule posts ahead of time. Well, HootSuite allows you to do that for any platform, including Google+! You can create the post, add a photo or attach a link and schedule it for a later date. It’s as easy as that! They even give you the option to Auto Schedule your posts, meaning they will be posted at a time that allows for optimal impact in your networks. Such a handy tool!


I know I probably just flooded your mind with a lot of information but hopefully it allowed you to see all of the amazing things you can do with HootSuite. Honestly, this is just scratching the surface! I have only used it for Twitter and Google+ management so far, but they also offer ways to manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and even Instagram (which I am totally looking forward to trying out by the way)! Even more, they offer social analytics, ways to create teams for campaigns, and ways to communicate with team members through the dashboard.


While I can only speak for the social media management aspect of HootSuite, I can definitely say it is a helpful tool when it comes to efficiently managing your client’s social presence. I definitely don’t consider myself HootSuite savvy just yet, but I am working hard at getting there. I’ll keep you updated on all the cool tips and tricks I learn along the way!