Clean Objectivity


There are few things in life more fleeting than objectivity.  “Clean objectivity,” which is when an individual is completely impartial and unbiased, lasts for only a brief sliver of time.  It is imperative that businesses capture objectivity when they get the chance.  This neutral  attitude is one of the biggest values that new employees, strategic partners and independent consultants can bring to the table.

How to take advantage of objective opportunities:

New Employees:

One of the best ways to leverage objectivity is by having your employees start their tenure with a one-week “consulting” project.  For the first week of their service, set them up as consultants.  Have them view your operations, your strategies, your facilities and your action plans.  Have them interview key staff members and leaders.  Provide them with a template to fill out at the end of this week.

Most employees lose their objectivity after only a few days.  They will begin to develop relationships, realize office politics and sense the company culture.  Add a few extra days to their normal on-boarding process and get a “burst” of objectivity.

Strategic Partners:

Another solid plan for capturing balanced viewpoints is to invite trusted strategic partners into your business.  This practice can be mutual and will absolutely benefit both parties.  Strategic partners will have different business practices, distinctive plans of action, and unique experiences that can greatly enhance your perspective.  Since they are not operating “down in the weeds” of your everyday business proceedings, they can be objective and fair with their discoveries.

Independent Consultants:

Independent consultants bring a new light to the situation.  Their success depends on their abilities to bring objectivity to every situation.  Good consultants realize that one of their most vital roles is to start and remain objective throughout a consulting commitment.  Independent consultants, who are vendor agnostic and who do not sell their own products, have an easier time being objective at all times.

One significant difference with retaining a consultant, instead of using new employees or strategic partners, is that consultants are trained in the art of observation.  They know what to look for and what questions to ask.  This “professional objectivity” usually provides a higher caliber assessment of your business.

In Summary:

Without objectivity, companies spend valuable assets running in circles and making subjective decisions on a daily basis.  Your business will have an edge on the competition if you balance your business strategy with clean objectivity.