I had the most amazing thought today.  I know this sounds a little farfetched, but bear with me.  About three years ago I was stuck on asking myself the same question over and over again. “How can I get whatever I want, and nothing I don’t want?”  I know this may sound like one of those Law of Attraction books (What the bleep…) or movies (The Secret), in a way it should; although it is not my intent.

This all came about because I was listening to one of those types of programs in my car, the ones you buy at one of those seminars, which got me asking the question in the first place.  The guy on the tape simply said, “(and I’m paraphrasing here) You have within you the answer to every question in life; you simply need to know how to ask the right question.”

So I started thinking about what I wanted in life.  At the same time I was looking for a way to NOT attract what I don’t want into my life.  Make sense?  Stay with me, I’m getting there.  So for weeks, while I was driving, walking, waiting…I would ask myself this question, “How can I get whatever I want, and nothing I don’t want?”  I stopped asking the questions at one point.  Funny thing is the answer was popping into my life everywhere I went; I just didn’t see or hear it.  Kind of how we often don’t see something, even though it’s right in front of us.

So, I was looking up some stuff online today when I found two quotes.   Here’s the first quote; “You get whatever you think about most. Whatever you think about expands…and therefore, we must be careful to not think about what we do not want” As simple as it seems and as many times I’ve heard this in my life it just never felt as clear as it did today.

I know we’ve all heard this before, I myself have believed this my whole life,  but for some reason, when I read that first quote, I just had this overwhelming feeling come over me. I believe it’s called an epiphany.

What makes it so much more compelling is the second quote. “You can never get enough of what you don’t want. Why? Because we’re thinking about what we don’t want and we keep getting more of it. From an abundance and prosperity perspective, it can be costly to contemplate the conditions you do not want to produce for your life…for fear of getting more of what you don’t want.”

I have been unhappy at times and afraid of losing something, and sure enough I would lose it.  Not anymore.  I resolve today to force myself to only focus on what I do want, and to avoid even so much as thinking about my fears or situations I do not wish to attract into my life.  I know some of you may be thinking I’ve gone mad.  That’s okay too.

Where do I see myself in one year?  Well, this chronicle will tell the truth.  I’m going to list the things I want to have in my life in one year’s time.  Will I have all of them?  To think I won’t would go against my new look on life, so I am steadfast in my belief that whatever I believe and think about I will have.

Look into your own thoughts in your own past.  How have you truly shaped your existence based on just your thoughts?  Thinking about that job interview, or the mate you always wanted, the home you want to live in or the life you want to live?  Think about nothing but the man or woman you wish to become and you will become them.

Let’s do this. Write down the ten most important goal you wish to achieve in the next year. Email them to me. I’ll send you my ten in response. In twelve months, I’ll contact you and we’ll compare how well we did.  What do you have to lose?