I fight daily to maintain focus…
Many of the people I run in to on a day-to-day basis seem to have just as much trouble keeping the main task in the spotlight. Just yesterday, Apple made some big announcement about the new iPhone 5 and being a user/advocate of the iOS platform (as well as a two time iPhone owner), I intentionally blocked all messaging from my field of view. That was especially difficult since I am actively communicating throughout the day via social networks with partners, colleagues and clients and that seemed to be the focal point of the mass of communication around this shiny new toy. It did me little good, for wherever I went through my travels, someone engaged me in conversation and it naturally made its way to the surface.

I have some friends who go on and on for weeks before a new device is scheduled to launch and can’t wait to upgrade, even though they’re currently using the most advanced technology in the marketplace. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the latest-and-greatest too, and pine for the day when I can finally have an iPhone with Siri, but this heliotropic mindset of always looking for the newest bright-shiny-object is starting to wear on me. It’s as though people are some kind of sessile creature doomed to be pulled this way or that by some outside force.

Are you overly controlled by outward influences made popular by the marketplace? Are you looking forward to upgrading, or are you still plugging along with what you have, content until it dies in your arms and you’re forced to replace it? I’d like to know.