I Am No Chris Brogan

I was reading this morning when I came across an interesting article by Chris Brogan titled, “Don’t Be Chris Brogan

In the article he uses the examples of two other very famous writers, Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media fame and Seth Godin of…well, many-many-many books and blogs. As an up and coming writer (blogging site launched just last week. This is the first “official” blog being written for that site), I found Chris’s article to be a nice introduction to just be myself and see where it goes.

I have some pretty awesome leaders in the space and you can bet your backlight keyboard I’m going to be reading and dissecting their work, all while I write in my own voice and produce original, creative ideas. Does that make me better or worse?  Only my writing and marketing skills will tell over time.

What’s my angle? Well, I can only be me. My passion is for elevating the world through educating (provoking if I have to) people to think better thoughts and do it more often. I plan to put thought into my blogs and if you ever think I’m full of it,  I want you to call me on it.

With that being said, read on Homo sapiens.