I Wrote a Blog, Now What?

I’m a big fan of blogs. All forms of blogs. I started blogging in 2007. I wish I could say I am a good writer, but the truth is, I’m average at best. I’ve never experienced any sizable success from writing blogs, but I have enjoyed some benefits. Most importantly, I have enjoyed the opportunity of being exposed to an incredible community of individuals who call themselves bloggers. Even more than blogs, I’m a big fan of bloggers.

I’m also big fan of Meetup’s. I’ve been a member of Meetup.com since 2009 and an organizer of events since 2010. Three months ago I acquired my latest group after the original founder abandoned it after one event. It’s called the Austin Area Bloggers.

Thanks to Meetup and the Austin Area Bloggers Meetup Group I now have a venue to shine a light on the lives of some amazing people. In my opinion, a Meetup for local bloggers sounds like the perfect mash-up.

In January, my inaugural event as organizer of this group, we were joined by local serial blogger, Cris Mueller. Cris shared some of her insights into starting several blogs and what she has learned from her experience. The theme of the event was “Getting Started Right.” A sort of double entendre given that this was the (new) start of our group and our goal centered on helping new bloggers get started right.

Next week, our second gathering of 2015, we’ll be joined by a pair of local writers. Both experienced PR specialist and content marketers who really know how to convert content into multiple forms of marketing collateral. Each new piece of content designed to drive traffic back to your blog. If you are wondering what to do AFTER publishing your blog, perhaps you should join us?

You’re invited
Have some insight or looking for answers? Join us on February 26th at the brand new Austin WeWork co-working space at 6th & Congress. You’ll be glad you did.

Details: http://austinareabloggers.com

Original Post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-wrote-blog-now-what-joey-mcgirr