Life Connects

I was reading an article on Yahoo about sea life and how scientists are cataloging the worlds sea critters. Did you know there are over 200,000 (201,206 to be exact) validated species swimming in our oceans? Expect that on a Qrank quiz soon, friends.

However, what is so fascinating about the research isn’t the numbers, it’s the interconnectivity of the life forms. “…what scientists learned was more than a number or a count. It was a sense of how closely life connects from one place to another and one species to another,” said Jesse Ausubel of the Alfred Sloan Foundation, the co-founder of the effort that involved 2,700 scientists.

In the end, they discovered that among all the diverse life in the ocean, they are not that different at all. For myself, I found this to be a discovery of humanity, told through the eyes of marine biologists.

We’re not that different. With all our diversity, we are connected by so many things. More than the things that separate us, and we’re the same species. What does this mean to you? Share with me below how life shows you how connected we are. I’d love to read your story.