Naming the ME Lesson


Joey and I thought it was interesting to note how we came up with our naming convention for our Education Services.  We knew that we wanted to have one-on-one Social Media education with our clients, but had been fumbling with the name.  The following is an e-mail exchange from Joey and I earlier this year.

Brad wrote:

Had a major breakthrough the last couple of days.

I’ve been working on coming up with a page for the website to explain our new “coaching” offering.  Something wasn’t clicking with it.  The word “Coaching” was getting a little dirty and muddy in my head.

It “clicked” for me last night and I spent a frantic hour letting the idea flow.  It was awesome.

Instead of coaching, which is kind of a grey area and loose, I came up with having a ME Lesson.  (Works a couple of ways)

It fit perfectly with our new structured approach to things.

A lesson is structured.  A lesson is planned.  Lessons learned.

You TEACH someone something in a lesson, instead of hoping they learn something during coaching.

To move along the spectrum, you get better, you learn, you grow.  Lessons are an INTENTIONAL way to help others grow.

Coaching can be used to express our “style” of education, but a ME Lesson is tight, clear and right in line with our Education initiative.

Mike and I are going to kick it around during our Education session tomorrow.


Joey wrote:


Post this email as a blog!  It’s perfect. Don’t edit a thing. Love it!

Final thought:

It’s funny how some things just fit.  We all spend so much time dwelling on the things that don’t work out, we thought it would be fun to capture a tiny moment that was special to us and our company.

Thanks for being part of our adventure!