Plan B

Why we need a backup plan
or “How I stopped worrying and loved the economy”

Everyone needs a “Plan B”, a backup plan.  When it comes to this economy we should all take a lesson from life and mentally lock away what we learned about losing our one source of income or the one home we live in.  We all need to keep the lights on, so here’s a few thoughts on the subject…

Almost everyone I know everyone HATES Multilevel Marketing (MLM), unless you’re one of those people out there who drank too much of the “Biz-Op Kool-Aid”.  But, MLM has a place in the world.  It is a viable business model and makes good sense.  And it makes for a decent back-up plan.  Here’s some things to consider before getting involved –

What are you passionate about?  Chances are, they have MLM’s for that.  Doing something you really love will help feel better about the time you’ll have to spend working it. Then do your research!  Check out the company and product before you make a decision.

Treat it like a business. Say you only need an extra $500/month to help manage the bills, or get out of debt. That’s a reasonable and easily attainable goal.  First things first – Make a plan to reach your mark and stick to it!  When you feel yourself being pulled to the dark side, resist by having a plan and making “follow the plan or else” the first action item.

What about other Plan B’s?  What other things in your life need a “back-up”?  Where do you back up your precious digital documents, photos or music? Do you subscribe to a service or buy an external hard drive? How about transportation? Can you borrow a friend’s car or should you keep a motorcycle in the garage?  Education? “Cash Cab” is good, but what about a library card?  And what about those pesky issues like death and taxes?  Maybe talking to an attorney or CPA should be a part of your backup plans too. (If you need some suggestions, I know a few…)

I’m sure you can come up with a few more of your own. Think about it today. Take inventory of those places in your life where having a backup plan might be a good idea. When you figure out where you need a plan B, post it below. I may be needing that too.