As I start my new life in 2011, (I tend to think of the new year as a fresh start every year. it’s been a good practice for me.) I am reminded of the writing, and the thinking, of the past month.  So often we start out with good intentions, and then we let our doubts and fears slow us down.

I recently wrote about one of my favorite words, Mithridate, in where I described an invaluable super power inside every living human being – the power of free will,  the power to choose.

Take time to remember that you have been bestowed with plenipotentiary potential. That is to say, you have invested within you full power over your life. No longer will excuses get you out of any circumstance. You are responsible for your results.

I know many of you reading this are thinking, “I’ve always been responsible,” and that may be true to most extents, but have you really been taking full responsibility for your results? People are often accountable for their actions, but what about the results?

Use wisdom as you start this amazing new year. You have the ability to design the next 12 months the way you want to see them. Where will you be this time next year? Doing the same thing, living in the same place, hanging with the same people?

If where you are is where you want to be, then I congratulate you.  Living in the peak of potential is very rewarding.  Remember that results are different than actions. If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same thing. Take a look at your results, if you can change that, you can change the world.

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