Say Anything

What’s the most important thing to think of when you are using social media?  If you’re a student of the obvious then you know it’s all about expression.  A little thing I like to call “SHARE THE NOW.”

Twitter asks, “What’s Happening?”

Facebook, “What’s on your mind?” or “Write something…”

LinkedIn, ” Ask a question, share a thought, or post an article.” or the dry LinkedIn Mobile app which simply says, “Update your status.”

Most mobile apps will ask in one form or another, “Where are you?” (Or my least favorite, “Check in!”)

My favorite mobile app, Footfeed, asks you to, “Enter optional message up to 140 characters,” like we’re automata simply processing data.  Blech!

The running theme here is to just say/write something; to initiate, to express, to share.  Isn’t that what social experiences have been about throughout time?  Two or more individuals meet in the marketplace, school, church or any gathering and they explore what’s happening with the people around them.

They want to know what’s on your mind.  Since the invention of the postal service (possibly even long before) people have taken the time to write something about their human journey.  You might even say the post office was the world’s first social network.  I tend to think that gathering places like camp fires, cliff dwellings and other meeting places could even be considered social spaces where anyone could ask a question, share a thought or post an article.

In a sense, you have always had places to update your status.  Now, where you are” posts in this hyper connected society are carried with us wherever we go. We no longer need the bazaar, market, arena or town square to gather and Check-In. Where you are is the only place you need to be to connect to the almost endless body of humanity that encompasses the globe.

If you’re goal is to enter optional data up to 140 characters at a time, in an attempt to sell something without the intention to build a real HUMAN connection, then you’ll never get it.  If the most important thing to think of when you are using social media is to Share The Now, then the second most important thing to think of is who cares when/what you share.