Social Media for Nonprofits

So, I got a message via Facebook on Monday evening from my friend Jill Brockmann. She was asking if I was available in two weeks to present at the Social Media for Nonprofit Conference at the ACC Eastview Campus on August 13. I checked my schedule and was relieved that I was available (Not a common occurrence these days).

I replied to Jill that I would be in town and would be happy to speak. She then connected me to Ritu Sharma, the Executive Director and Co-Producer of the #SM4NP nationwide conference series. Ritu and I exchanged emailed and had a short phone conversation and decided I would present on “Living in a Glass House: Transparency in the Digital Age”

I have presented this information in the past and it’s a subject I have a deep fascination. With the all pervasive nature of the social web, it’s imperative that we as individuals (and organizations), protect ourselves as best we can. It’s what I teach every day at McGirr Enterprises and I couldn’t be more excited to be teaching it to today’s cutting edge Austin based Nonprofits.

Social Media for Nonprofits is a multi-city conference series providing nonprofits with tools & resources to create, manage & maximize their social media presence. They have conferences in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and here in Austin.

Social Media for Nonprofits

So, Nonprofit buddy (and For-profit buddies, too), put August 13, 2013 on your calendar and join me at the #SM4NP. Sign up now to secure your spot. Your registration fee includes access to the full-day conference, facilitated networking sessions with other attendees and experts, plus breakfast and lunch. What more could you want?