The Future! I think a lot about the future. I guess that makes me a type of futurist or more accurately a futurologists. I don’t try to predict coming events, but I can spend an inordinate amount of time imagining what possibilities the future holds for humanity.

Everyone has seen those magazine covers illustrating flying cars hovering around a city skyline of tomorrow. Half of the fun of imagining what the future will be like is remembering what we used to picture the future would look like, before it became our present.

Stories like 1984 and 2001 are great fun to look back on. As are the films of today that describe varying degrees of a future filled with progress or humans as slaves to robots. For the most part, today isn’t much different than 1990. Replace the Discman with the iPod and not much has changed.

Sure some culture lines have blurred, some political structures have been altered, but overall we still live our lives daily like we did back then. Technology has shaped how we communicate, but it’s not like we weren’t communicating before. We just had to pick up a phone and make a call. It’s the tools, not humanity that changes over time.

This brings me to my though on the future. I am going to stop referring to my iPhone as a telephone. It’s my Self-contained Personal Communication and Organization Device. My SPCOD. That’s right, I’m going to change the future of human communication and I’m starting with a truly awful acronym.

Got a better one? Let’s hear it! I’m opening up the floor for suggestions. Tell me how you use your SPCOD and how you would like it to revolutionize human connectivity.