Tackling Your SEO with a Plan

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Guest Post by Jacqueline Sinex, WEBii.net

“SEO” is an ominous acronym that haunts many business owners. The average person doesn’t understand what SEO really is, if it is relevant to them, or where to start.  In short, “Search Engine Optimization” is the practice of enhancing your website to be more attractive to search engines (like Google).

But if you want truly effective results, meaning more qualified customer traffic coming to your website, you need to think beyond just a few web pages. You need a marketing plan.

There are many different factors about your website, your type of business, and how you sell your product or service that will effect how successful you are on the Web.  When a professional marketer performs SEO tasks, they should be evaluating the structure of your website, the content of your website, the flow of your website, and your audience.

Starting to sound more complicated?

Well, it isn’t complicated necessarily.  It is just something that requires careful attention and planning.  There’s that word again – plan.

As an expert of your business, you probably know exactly what your customer looks like, what they want to buy, what they need.  Maybe you even have excellent messaging ability to convey that to them and make them want to buy your product.  But you also need to have a well thought-out plan to drive customers to your website so you can execute that message.

This is why a lot of business owners start thinking about SEO, and this is usually when they get lost.  Where do you begin?  What is the right thing to do that won’t make Google mad, and will get the right customers at your doorstep?

The Do-it-yourself SEO Kit fills that gap, allowing you to follow a customized, step-by-step marketing plan that is unique to your business, your website, and your market.  This kit takes care of the planning part, so you can stop putting Internet marketing on the back-burner just because it seems overwhelming.

This kit is not just made with instant automated software.  There are enough of those, and they are not really providing you with solutions.  Our kit is actually comprised of detailed review of your website’s make-up as well as research conducted by our marketing professionals and expert advice based on your unique business.  It is a plan of specific tasks you and your website developer can take to get to the next level.

Feel confident about having a road map to online results, instead of trying to hodge-podge a few tasks here and there and hope for the best.  When SEO is done well, it is actually sending your ideal customer – who is already confirming an interest in wanting your service – directly to your website.  Doesn’t that sound better than throwing a few postcards into the wind with a random mailing list and waiting for one to happen to bump a buyer in the head?

About the Author:

Jacqueline Sinex has worked with WEBii since 1998, assisting hundreds of businesses with their website needs.  WEBii was established in 1996 and provides web hosting, custom web design, custom development, and search engine marketing services from its Austin, TX office.



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