I’m often asked to illustrate the value of online social networks and with so many analogies to pull from it’s hard to find a consistent message for all scenarios. That is until a recent meeting with my Chief Operations Officer, Brad Closson. He described to me the following example… We call it R.E.A.C.H. R =[…]

Twit-Savvy (Part 2)

Twitter Networking Secrets: Characteristics  of a Twitter Bio You’ve got 160 characters to say as much about yourself as possible.  Some people really have this down to a science and can define themselves in under ten words. My exploration of some of the best #TwitSavvy Networkers resulted in a mix of personal and business “descriptors.”[…]


Share – Engage – Connect Share: Let’s face it. The fact that social media even exists is due to the “share factor.” In her article, Witness Me, Claire Wagner nails the topic with laser precision. We want to let the world know we’re, “having a foot long sandwich from Subway.” Why? We’re social. It’s embedded in[…]