The Social Media journey from “Here-to-There”

Change is constant but how much of it represents true forward progress?  The hyperactive world of social media doesn’t sit still long enough to even consider this question, but you must.

One of our client’s favorite consulting tools at McGirr Enterprises is simply called, “Here to There.”

It’s a great tool because it a) makes sure you find answers to some key questions and b) encourages you to let go of others. What is the vision for the future state?  Why is the current state unacceptable?  The question we need to back off from is: How exactly will we get there?

Next steps need to be mapped out but everyone involved must accept the uncertainty of the journey ahead.  In the place of end-to-end planning, effort is spent on “What will reinforce your navigational competence during your journey?”

Here are some examples from what clients are saying about their social media Here-to-There:


  • We haven’t steadily invested in social media and are behind
  • We tend to dabble just enough to feel like we are in the game
  • Our social media efforts are disconnected from the rest of our business


  • Engaging two-way interactions with prospects and customers are an improvement over traditional media
  • Employees know how to balance creatively with discretion when using social media
  • Social media is a valuable tool for our sales and customer support functions

“Means to get from Here-to-There?”

  • An ability to wisely evaluate and choose which social media applications to use
  • Measures of meaty results to help guide the way
  • Obstacles and issues are revealed and resolved ASAP!

Master your own journey and destiny!  Take a minute to think about your own Here-to-There headlines and share your favorite ones in the comments below.