Twit-Savvy (Part 2)

Twitter Networking Secrets: Characteristics  of a Twitter Bio

You’ve got 160 characters to say as much about yourself as possible.  Some people really have this down to a science and can define themselves in under ten words. My exploration of some of the best #TwitSavvy Networkers resulted in a mix of personal and business “descriptors.” Single words that would define each segment of who they are as a person.

In my own bio I use many words that have broad definitions yet they still define me as a member of my community (or as a human in general).  I am a Dad, I’m Endothermic (or warm blooded), a Polymath (someone with wide-ranging knowledge), an Omnivore (I eat a lot), I’m a Biped (I walk on two legs), I’m Diurnal (opposite of nocturnal ), Philosopher ( I think therefore I am), Philogynist (opposite to misogynist), Logophile (Greek for “Lover of words”), Entrepreneur, Writer (as of right now, just writing blogs, but I have plans for a book), Speaker (looking to speak more in 2011) & “Why Guy (my only title).

I think everyone should have fun with their bio. Don’t you?

How defined is your bio? Can you use as few as ten words to describe you personally and professionally? Do you even want to be defined?

Stay tuned for part three: Strategic Linking

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