Twit-Savvy (Part1)

Twitter Networking Secrets: The Secret Power of Search

I’ve said this recently but I have to reiterate. Twitter is the most powerful networking tool ever invented. More powerful than LinkedIn and Facebook combined. If I really want to get to know someone, I look them up on Twitter. If they’re Twitter Savvy (#TwitSavvy), then I can get a short bio, a link to their website or blog and, best of all, I can always check out their Twitter timeline.

By delving a little deeper into these functions we can discover quite a bit about a person. For safety’s sake, I’ll use myself as the example. If you have better samples or would like to share how you use Twitter for networking, please contribute to the comment section below.

Search is first.

I often use this feature to look someone up in the “Twitterverse”. I will typically use it to find one of my followers who’s handle I can’t easily remember. I will also check out people I meet in the real world (In Real Life = IRL) who’s handle I neglected to get upon meeting them, but I got their card and/or know their name. This is helpful because a search on Twitter for someone’s name will often produce tweets of them they may not even know about (topic for another discussion).

If it’s someone I don’t know from a real world encounter but I want to get to know them better before I make an introduction, this is also the place to start. If they have their Twitter handle on their business card or a link from their website (RE: #TwitSavvy Networker) then I can find their profile quite easily and begin following them.

How Twitter Savvy are you? Are you easily searchable on Twitter? Do you even want to be found?

…Stay tuned for part two: Characteristics of a Twitter Bio

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