Did you say “War Room?”

This post was written by Mike Leamon.  Mike is a thought leader on War Room methodology.

What’s up with the name “War Room?”

You might ask, “Does this world really need more War?”  What if we told you that the more you hate the act of War the more you will like the War Room method?  For our firm, creating a “War Room”  means that a company is committed to getting into a room, sharing perspectives, listening, developing a common understanding of problems and needs and co-creating a mutually beneficial solution.

And if you like the method we are about to describe but hate the word War, rest assured that our firm isn’t hung up on using it. You get to name your use of the method.  Open Planning Room? Story Room? Co-Creation Room? We encourage clients to commit to whatever local name works, but we use “War Room” because it is the global standard name for the general method.  It’s also a powerful and provocative baggage laden name for a game changing approach originated by Winston Churchill in World War II.

What’s a War Room anyway?

A War Room is a room dedicated to a project where the participants lay out the problem solving “story” on the walls.  It’s like a workshop that uses the walls as a huge flip chart to record people’s collaboration, understanding and agreements.  Any project methodology can be used but typically you will see the following emerge on our War Room walls as the story unfolds:

  • The Charter (explanation and commitment to the project)
  • The Current State
  • The Future State
  • The Implementation Plan and Status

Within even the simple story line above, many tools can be plugged in and used from disciplines like Lean, Six Sigma, Strategy Management or the world of Project Management.  The best tools are often the ones you developed or the ones invented on the spot by your team creatively grappling with how to move forward.

That introduces you to “what’s on the walls?” but what are the results or benefits?  Faster and better solutions! Period! People also marvel at the improved project exposure and momentum, as well as enhanced project communications.  It’s energizing and dare we say… fun?  Our War Room Methodology is a dynamic, and engaging style of open planning.  Our website has more information on War Room Solutions.