Welcome to ME!


I am excited to announce the launch of the all new McGirr Enterprises. We have been working secretly  for months to prepare for the launch of this new evolution in our business.  My close friends know that  I take re-branding very seriously. Although I’ve built what I consider to be a very solid personal brand, I am no longer a single entity working within my corporation and felt the need to evolve. As we continue to include new services offerings and talent, it became obvious that we needed to update the structure. With this change comes both a new way of managing for sustained growth and a new identity.


Our team gave a tremendous amount of thought to the task of re-branding McGirr (now to be referred to as “ME”).  In the past twelve months, ME has grown from one employee to having several new additions. It all started in March of 2012 when Linda Battson was hired on as Senior Account Manager. Her dedication and commitment to quality, as well as her ability to care deeply for our clients’ needs, has really been a cornerstone in the foundation of our growth. Along with the help of Brad Closson and Mike Leamon (both formally of Connective Management) and their 40-plus years of management experience , ME has seen an increase in new business, as well as an increase in the effectiveness of overall operations. ME is now poised with a real competitive advantage to provide ongoing education, consulting and management for all our clients and anyone who needs help with their online R.E.A.C.H.

ME still has much to unveil, and we look forward to sharing all of these exciting organizational changes with our friends and clients.

– Joey McGirr, CEO