Here’s What We’ve Been Up To…

December 9, 2014

I bet you’ve been wondering what’s going on around ME. It’s been a crazy year but we haven’t stopped moving and we’ve got plenty of plans for 2015. So far this year we’ve partnered with several businesses, sharing the benefits of social media. Joey has been hard at work with many Austin area businesses, showing clients ways they can take charge of their company’s online presence and effectively use social media to connect with others.

Social Dash Tag

However, our biggest endeavor of 2014 has been Joey’s launch of Social City Dash, the ultimate urban scavenger hunt for the social media savvy! Teams made up of two or more people leverage their social network to solve clues and complete challenges around their favorite cities. The Dash requires people to step out of their comfort zones and explore their city, while sharing their adventures and getting help from friends on social media. The clues and challenges tie together the use of several popular, and some not so popular, social media apps. We want to test your ability to use these apps to connect and accurately complete fun and wacky challenges.

A few of the apps we incorporate into the Dash are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and even Foursquare. The challenges range from leaving a tip on Foursquare to Vine’ing yourself dancing a jig. We ultimately want to create a fun adventure race for everyone to enjoy as well as provide exciting challenges to see who has the social media prowess to be crowned a Social City Dash champ! Our next Dash is happening in San Diego, California on January 24th and we cannot wait. We have plenty of Dash’s planned for 2015 so if you think you’ve got the skills, take a look here to see when we’re coming to your area!

We’ll also be changing up a few things in 2015. Along with the Dash, ME will continue to offer our management and consulting services, but with a little twist. In the coming year, we will be offering three different management packages. We will offer 2 basic consulting and social media management packages and one customizable consulting and social media management package. Most businesses think they have a social media problem, but that’s not necessarily the case. By offering these consulting services, along with social media management, we will be able to help business refocus their goals and reformat some of their practices to get them on the right track for future success. We look forward to growing in this next year so stay tuned to see what’s in store!