Why the Why Guy?

Here’s a little story about me. In my youth I was your typical “Nice Guy.” And as the saying goes, “nice guys finish last.” Regardless of what you believe about the above statement, nice guys tend to be a little more trusting (even when they know better) and the inevitable always happens; they finish last.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t take some “Fonzy-pill” and suddenly become ultra-cool and uber-hip. I did, however, dig inside myself to try and figure a few things out.  I discovered that my problem was not in my actions (It’s not bad to be good), but in my philosophy (I believed for others to have, I had to have not).

I am still a nice guy, I just use more wisdom. Philosophy literally translates to “love of wisdom,” and so began my journey of self discovery and wisdom…”Nice Guy” becomes “Why Guy” and a Social Media Philosopher is born.

“If you don’t ask ‘why this?’ often enough, somebody will ask ‘why you?'” – Tom Hirshfield

It started with asking the right questions. The fastest way to learn how to ask the right questions is to start asking a lot of questions. I became like a kid again, “Why is the sky blue?” was now, “why do we do anything?”

Being a nice guy who likes people, I decided that I wanted to work in the world of online social human connectivity.  So I started my own company, asked a lot of questions and learned everything I now know.

When I was looking for unique ways to differentiate myself from the influx of Social Media professionals, I struggled with an accurate way of describing who I am and what I do. I’m not a Marketer, nor do I even consider myself an expert. I’m no Guru, Kahuna or Ninja. I’m just a guy who spends an inordinate about of time thinking about “why” we do what we do. In that time I have become “The Social Media Why Guy”

I’m still learning, and the best way to find the right answers is to ask the best questions.

Tell me what you think of my title?  If you know me, do you think it fits? Leave your comments below.