April 13, 2017

Managed Social Media Services For ANY Budget

Our services range from hourly to monthly subscription social media management packages paid in advance either weekly, monthly or annually. There are no formal contracts. Once we start, we discuss your plans, goals and expectations. We will outline our recommended course of action according to budget. Once the plan is approved we get to work.

OUR GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with your service after the first 30 days
we will refund the entire first month with no questions asked. 

Weekly Q & A Conference Call:

Join our weekly conference call and learn from our founder @ $50/Month or $20/Week


Consulting or Audits:

Consultation by the hour @ $90/Hour

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Social Media Audits @ $90/Hour (4 hour minimum)

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Small Social Media Packages:

1 Hour/Week
$80/Week or $320/Month (Save $320/Year) or $3520/Year (Save $640/Year*)

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2.5 Hours/Week
$175/Week or $700/Month (Save $700/Year) or $7700/Year (Save $1400/Year*)

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5 Hours/Week
$300/Week or $1200/Month (Save $1200/Year) or $13,200/Year (Save $2400/Year*)

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Moderate Social Media Packages:

10 Hours/Week
$500/Week or $2000/Month (Save $2000/Year) or $22,000/Year (Save $4000/Year*)

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20 Hours/Week
$800/Week or $3200/Month (Save $3200/Year) or $32,500/Year (Save $6400/Year*)

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Full-Time Social Media Services:

40 Hours/Week
$1200/Week or $4800/Month (Save $4800/Year) or $52,800/Year (Save $9600/Year*)

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24/7/365 Social Media Management:

168 Hours/Week
$3360/Week or $13,440/Month (Save $13,440/Year) or $147,840/Year (Save $26,880/Year*)

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Just kidding. If you’re going to pay $150K/Year for Social Media Services, you’re better off bringing a team on internally. If you’re interested in doing that, we can show you how…at $90/hour


Curious about what type of services you will receive? Check this out!

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*Savings based on paying monthly or annually over paying weekly or hourly