6 Ways To Market Your Business Video


Our guest post this week is from Mark Wonderlin with Mosaic Media Films.

Having a well crafted video is the first step for your future success. Then utilizing your video with an array of marketing efforts is critical to increasing your conversion and reach. The video above highlights 6 effective ways to promote your business video.

Why a Well Crafted Video is So Important

The statistics and conversion rates for a well-crafted video far exceed alternative marketing efforts, and study after study reinforces that.

One of my favorite statistics is: 60% of online viewers watch video, but only 3% of sites have video – couple that with conversion rates of over 20%, and it’s very apparent that video is no longer an option, but a MUST.

When you craft a video well, it can effectively humanize your company. It enables viewers to get to know you before they actually meet you.  They get a sense of who you are, what is important to you, how you interact with others, and your unique approach to your business.

What’s important is crafting a video rather than having one that is poorly put together and only fits a particular budget.

Many business owners dedicate their life to their business and make personal and professional sacrifices to live their passion. It’s extremely important to have a video that reflects the brand and the owner in a positive way.

If your video is produced poorly, viewers perceive that the services you provide are poor as well. If you have a well-crafted video that showcases what you do, describes your passion and tells a story from your customer’s experiences, you have a better chance of connecting with your viewers. When you can effectively connect with your viewers, they exclusively want to work with you…and your competition becomes irrelevant.

Ultimately, it comes down to your brand, your image and your results. 

If you think you are saving money by having an inexpensive video made, then you’re not looking at the big picture.   A well-produced, handcrafted video that tells a unique story about your business can showcase your company and services in a positive way that leads to viewers becoming customers and customers becoming raging fans.