Twit-Savvy (Part 3)

Twitter Networking Secrets: Strategic Linking

…or How do you link your Twitter to the rest of the web?

Unlike other social networks, Twitter (defined by as an “Information Network”) only gives you one link to the rest of the world. Well, that is, only one link attached to your profile. You’re welcome to tweet out other links all you want, and that’s a large part of how people use Twitter. However, when you want people to dig deeper into who you are and why they should listen to you, that one link becomes very important.

I’ve heard multiple opinions and there are endless schools of thought around the best use of this link. Some say, “use your LinkedIn,” other say, “Facebook Profile (or page).” My personal favorite depends on your intent with Twitter.  If you are tweeting from your business handle, then use your company website. eCommerce should not be ignored.

If you’re tweeting as yourself, I highly recommend you start a blog (if you have not already done so). Twitter is often referred to as “Microblogging.” If you have more to say than 140 characters can express, then a blog is just the place to do that. It’s also the place other people are going to read what’s really on your mind.

How do you want people to discover more about you? Can you get away with sending people to your eCom site? Do you dare send them to your business page on Facebook?

Stay tuned for part four: Taming the Timeline

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