Don’t Be A…

My daughter loves looking for Waldo on those poster-sized “Where’s Waldo?” images. I love the art work.  Recently, while doing a search with her, I was struck with an unusual idea. – “What makes Waldo Unique?”

Waldo is all about being hidden, unseen in the world. Not behind anything, but out in the open.

I attend a lot of networking events and I see Waldo’s everywhere. They’re all trying to dress the same, talk the same, act the same. They want to be accepted, and so they mimic the crowd.  In doing so, in a sense, they disappear.  Wear a tie and shine your shoes. Have a planned sixty-second elevator speech you can give when it’s your turn. Don’t embarrass yourself. Fit in. Go with the flow. Blech!

But, isn’t it the goal of these events to stand out?  To be the one people remember?  So be different! In a world of “Waldo’s” be the realtor, attorney, masseuse who gets noticed. Don’t be obscene. Be a gentleman or a lady, but don’t be a Waldo! When it’s your turn to talk, have something unexpected to say. Sit in a new spot if you go to the same Thursday lunch every week. Be unique! Be the character who draws attention instead of the Waldo.

Whoa, Joey. Hold on now. You want me to what? Stand out? Be different?  

I’m not asking you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable, but know this: when I am looking for someone to do business with, I’m going to remember the guy who stood out, not the one fading into the background!

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